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Feats (на английском)


*This feat works quite differently than its D&D version.
^This feat does not exist in D&D.
&Fighters can select this feat as a bonus feat.
%Wizards can select this feat as a bonus feat.

Владение броней

Armor Proficiency, LightArmor Proficiency, LightCan equip light armor.
Armor Proficiency, MediumArmor Proficiency, MediumCan equip medium armor.
Armor Proficiency, HeavyArmor Proficiency, HeavyCan equip heavy armor.
Monkey GripBase attack bonus +1Can wield two-handed weapon in one hand.
Shield ProficiencyShieldCan equip a shield.
Tower ShieldShield ProficiencyCan equip a Tower Shield.
Weapon Proficiency, ExoticBase attack bonus +1Can equip all exotic weapons (e.g., double axe, katana, scythe).
Weapon Proficiency, MartialCan equip all martial weapons (e.g., long sword, battleaxe, bows).
Weapon Proficiency, SimpleCan equip all simple weapons (e.g., dagger, spear, crossbows).

Второстепенные фиты

Artist^1st Level+2 Perform; +3 Bardsongs/day.
Blooded*1st Level+2 Spot; +2 resist Fear; +2 Initiative.
Bullheaded^1st Level+2 resist Taunt; +2 resist Fear; +1 Will saves.
Luck of Heroes*1st Level+1 Armor Class; +1 all saves.
Mind Over Body1st LevelInt and metamagic feats increase Hit Points (instead of Con).
Silver Palm*1st Level+2 Appraise, Bluff, Diplomacy.
Snake Blood*1st Level+2 resist Poison; +2 Fortitude saves.
Spellcasting Prodigy^1st LevelBonus spell(s) and spells are slightly harder for enemies to resist.
Strong Soul^1st Level+3 resist Death Magic. +1 Fortitude and Will saves.
Thug^1st Level+2 Intimidate and Appraise. +2 Initiative.

Божественные фиты

Divine MightStr 13; Cha 13; Turn Undead ability; Power AttackCan use Turn Undead attempt to increase weapon damage.
Divine ResistanceTurn Undead abilityCan use Turn Undead attempt to give allies elemental resistance.
Divine ShieldTurn Undead abilityCan use Turn Undead attempt to improve armor class.
Extra TurningCleric or Paladin+6 Turn Undead attempts/day.
Sacred VengeanceTurn Undead abilityIncrease damage against Undead by 2-12 for one round.

Главные фиты

Battle CasterBard or WarlockCan cast Bard or Warlock spells in medium armor.
Blind FightFighter level 4; Weapon Focus (chosen weapon)Easier to fight when blind or against invisible enemies.
Weapon Specialization&Weapon Focus (chosen weapon)+2 damage with chosen weapon.
Circle Kick*Base attack bonus +3; Dexterity 15; Improved Unarmed StrikeSuccessful unarmed hit allows one free attack.
Cleave&Str 13; Power AttackKilling enemy in melee allows one free attack.
Curse Song^Bard level 1; Perform 3Reduces enemy combat abilities.
Dash*Dex 13; Improved Unarmed StrikeMovement speed increased by 5%.
Deflect Arrows&Dex 13; Improved Unarmed StrikeAutomatically deflects first successful ranged attack per round.
Dodge&Dex 13Improved armor class against targeted enemy.
Elephant's HideWild Shape abilityCan spend Wild Shape use to greatly improve armor class.
Expert TacticianDex 13Successful attacks of opportunities give you and allies bonuses.
Extend RageRage or Frenzy abilityRage or Frenzy lasts 5 rounds longer.
Extra MusicBardic Music ability+4 Bardsongs/day.
Extra RageRage or Frenzy ability+2 Rage or Frenzy/day.
Extra Stunning AttacksBase attack bonus +2; Stunning Fist
+3 Stunning Fist uses/day.
Extra Wild ShapeWild Shape ability+2 Wild Shape uses/day. Up to +1 Elemental Shape use/day.
Favored Power AttackBase attack bonus +4; Favored enemy ability; Power AttackExtra damage when using Power Attack against favored enemy.
Great Cleave&Base attack bonus +4; Str 13; Cleave; Power AttackLike Cleave, but more than 1 free attack/round possible.
Greater ResiliencyDamage reduction ability+1 Damage reduction.
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting&Base attack bonus +11; Dex 19; Improved Two-Weapon FightingYou get a third attack with your off-hand weapon at -10 penalty.
Greater Weapon Focus&Fighter level 8; Weapon Focus (chosen weapon)+1 to hit with chosen weapon. Stacks with Weapon Focus.
Greater Weapon Specialization&Fighter level 12; Weapon Focus (chosen weapon); Weapon Specialization (chosen weapon)+2 damage with chosen weapon. Stacks with Weapon Specialization.
Improved Critical&Base attack bonus +8Higher chance of critical threat with chosen weapon.
Improved Initiative+4 Initiative.
Improved Parry^&Int 13; ParryImproves the results of using the Parry skill.
Improved Two-Weapon Defense&Base attack bonus +6; Dex 17; Shield Proficiency; Two-Weapon Fighting; Two-Weapon DefenseLike Two-Weapon Defense, but greater armor class bonus.
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting&Base attack bonus +6; Dex 15; Two-Weapon FightingYou get a second attack with your off-hand weapon at -5 penalty.
Improved Unarmed Strike&Your unarmed strike does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Lingering SongBardic Music abilityBardsong duration increased by 5 rounds.
Mobility&Dex 13; Dodge+4 Armor Class against attacks of opportunity.
Natural SpellWis 13; Wild Shape abilityCan cast spells when in Wild Shape.
Oaken ResilienceDruid level 12Can spend Wild Shape use to be immune to poison, sleep, and critical hits.
Point Blank Shot&Bonuses for ranged attacks at close range.
Power CriticalBase attack bonus +4; Weapon Focus (chosen weapon)Increased chance to confirm a critical hit.
Rapid ReloadBase attack bonus 2Increases rate of fire with crossbows.
Skilled Offense^Increases chance to overcome an enemy's parry.
Spring AttackBase attack bonus +4; Dex 13;Dodge; MobilityMovement does not give enemies attacks of opportunity.
Swift and Silent^StealthyWhen in stealth mode, movement is 75% instead of 50%.
Toughness+1 hit point/level (retroactive).
Track*Mini-map shows nearby enemies.
Two-Weapon Defense&Dex 15; Two-Weapon FightingImproved armor class when using two weapons. Bonus greater when Parrying.
Two-Weapon Fighting&Dex 13Greatly reduced penalties for fighting with two weapons.
Weapon Finesse&Base attack bonus +1Use Dex bonus instead of Str for hitting with light weapons.
Weapon Focus&Base attack bonus +1+1 to hit with chosen weapon.
Zen ArcheryBase attack bonus +3; Wis 13Use Wis bonus instead of Dex for hitting enemies with ranged attacks.

Создание предметов

Brew PotionSpellcaster level 3+Can create potion of any spell of 3rd level or lower.
Craft Magical Arms and ArmorSpellcaster level 5+Can create magical arms and armor.
Craft WandSpellcaster level 5+Can create wand of any known spell of 4th level or lower.
Craft Wondrous ItemsSpellcaster level 3+Can create magical items such as rings.
Scribe ScrollSpellcaster level 1+Can create scroll of any known spell.


Empower SpellCan cast 2nd level spellsIncrease most spell effects by 50%.
Extend Spell%Can cast 1st level spellsIncrease most spell durations by 100%.
Maximize Spell%Can cast 3rd level spellsIncrease most spell effects to their maximum.
Persistent Spell%Can cast 7th level spells; ExtendIncreases duration of some spells to 24 hours.
Quicken Spell%Can cast 4th level spellsCast spell as a free action.
Silent Spell%Can cast 1st level spellsCast spell while silenced.
Still Spell%Can cast 1st level spellsCast spell while wearing armor.

Навыки и спасброски

Able Learner*Learn non-class skill as if it were class skill.
Alertness+2 Spot and Listen.
Couteous Magocracy+2 Lore and Spellcraft.
Great Fortitude+2 Fortitude saves.
Iron Will+2 Will saves.
Lightning Reflexes+2 Reflex saves.
Negotiator+2 Diplomacy and Bluff.
Nimble Fingers+2 Disarm Devices and Open Locks.
Resist Disease^+4 resist Disease.
Resist Poison^+4 resist Poison.
Resistance to Energy^Base Fortitude save bonus +8Damage reduction of 5 versus one energy type.
Self Sufficient+2 Survival and Heal.
Skill FocusAble to use chosen skill+3 to chosen skill.
Stealthy+2 Hide and Move Silently.


Arcane DefenseSpell Focus (chosen school)+2 Saving Throws versus chosen school of magic.
Augment HealingHeal 4Increases effect of healing spells.
Augment SummoningSpell Focus (Conjuration)Increases power of summoned creatures.
Combat Casting%Spellcaster level 1+Easier to cast spells in melee.
Extra SlotSpellcaster level 4+Can cast an extra spell.
Greater Spell Focus%Spell Focus (chosen school)Much harder for enemies to resist your spells of the chosen school.
Greater Spell Penetration%Spell PenetrationSignificantly easier to overcome enemy spell resistance.
Practiced SpellcasterSpellcraft 4Increases caster level for multiclassed spellcasters.
Spell FocusCan cast 1st level spellsHarder for enemies to resist your spells of the chosen school.
Spell PenetrationSlightly easier to overcome enemy spell resistance.

Тактические фиты

Called Shot^&Base attack bonus +1Can attempt to disable enemy arms or legs.
Combat Expertise*Int 13Can choose to make defensive attacks.
Disarm&Int 13Can attempt to disarm opponent in melee.
FeintInt 13; Combat ExpertiseCan use Bluff to reduce armor class of most enemies.
Improved Combat Expertise*Int 13; Combat ExpertiseLike Combat Expertise, but even more defensive.
Improved Disarm&Int 13; DisarmLike Disarm, but successful disarm is more likely.
Improved Knockdown&Base attack bonus +7; Int 13; KnockdownCan use Knockdown against larger enemies.
Improved Power Attack*&Str 13; Power AttackLike Power Attack, but more powerful and reckless.
Improved Rapid Shot&Manyshot; Point BlankLike Rapid Shot, but no penalty to hit.
Knockdown&Base attack bonus +6; Dex 17;Can attempt to knock enemy prone.
ManyshotRapid Shot; Point Blank ShotFire multiple arrows simultaneously, but with penalty to hit.
Power Attack*&Can attack recklessly, dealing more damage, but hitting less often.
Rapid Shot&Dex 13; Point Blank Shot+1 attack/round with ranged weapon, but less likely to hit.
Stunning Fist&Base attack bonus +8; Dex 13; Wis 13; Improved Unarmed StrikeCan attempt to paralyze enemy with unarmed strike. Limited uses/day.
Whirlwind AttackBase attack bonus +4; Dex 13; Int 13; Dodge Mobility; Spring AttackCan simultaneously attack all enemies within 5 feet.

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